EFT Supervision

Thanks for your interest in working with me as your EFT supervisor (still in training). I’ve recently begun doing this work and am loving it. My goal as we work together is to support you in learning the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and to help you grow and develop as an EFT Therapist. In EFT we help people learn through an “isomorphic” process: As your EFT supervisor, my relationship with you gives you a chance to learn and live EFT (as my relationship with my supervisor has given me a chance to learn and live EFT in an on-going relationship). Then you will, over time, integrate and continue to model EFT for your clients who then organically import EFT into their relationships with one another and the people they love. It goes the other way too: You change me and affect my relationships with my clients and the people I love. I do this work for my couples, but also for their children and their children’s children. This is another example of the isomorphic process in EFT. We are indeed trying to make the world a safer place.
Please contact me if you would like some support on your EFT journey.

As my schedule permits, I offer “mini-intensives,” primarily for couples from outside Seattle.  This model is used by other EFT therapists.

Typically I meet with the couple from 8:30-11:30 on Thursday and Friday mornings for two weeks in a row, for 12 hours total, plus an assessment session for one hour before we meet in person.  Unless the couple has already started the transition to local care,  I schedule one more morning session for 3-4 weeks later.

This approach is appropriate for:

  • couples from the larger Seattle area (Whidbey, Tacoma, etc.) or
  • couples from out of state

Steps of our work together:

The process begins with a three way conversation for an hour to ensure we are a good fit.  We’ll discuss the appropriate media (phone, internet).

This conversation is followed by a detailed questionnaire that requires some time for each person to complete.  This information helps me assess if my skills are a good fit with the couple’s needs.  It also helps me begin to conceptualize the dynamics in the relationship.

I also ask that each partner read Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for Connection by Dr. Sue Johnson prior to the first meeting.

We start with a joint session for 90 minutes.  Next, I meet with each partner individually for 90 minutes.  These individual sessions focus on goals for therapy, attachment experiences and family history.  After these individual sessions are complete, we will most likely meet as a threesome for the remainder of our time together.  I’ll give some feedback about what I’ve learned from each of you in the individual sessions.

Even though this is a considerable amount of time together, there may be limits to what we can accomplish in a limited time, particularly if there have been threats to the basic connection between you, eg betrayal, consideration of divorce, etc.  This is why it is important for the couple to have EFT resources in their own community for follow-up to our work in the same model.   Local support is also necessary because I rarely have openings in my private practice.

This model of therapy is not appropriate in cases of emotional or verbal abuse, alcohol or drug addiction.


Location: Either downtown Seattle in Pike Place Market area or NE Seattle near Children’s Hospital.

15 hours for 90 min @ $300= $4500
+ 1 hour @ $185 (pre-meeting phone/Internet session)
Total: $4685, divided in payments over the five sessions

Housing and meals are on your own.

Because these intensives require a significant  time investment on my part, after the virtual meeting and before we meet I request half this amount ($2250) as a non refundable deposit.

I am happy to talk with couples ahead of the joint phone/internet meeting to assess if this is an appropriate option for your relationship.  Please contact me with any questions.

Susan Raab-Cohen, PhD
(206) 443-9810